Here are some common questions about NoCo Speed Networking.


What is Speed Networking?

Speed networking is a meeting format designed to accelerate business contacts. Speed networking involves participants gathering together to exchange information about their businesses, products or services. Participants greet each other in a series of exchanges during a set period of time.

Our format of speed networking is designed to give you the opportunity to meet and introduce yourself to approximately 30 business professionals in a 2 hour meeting.

We generally start with a little open networking before starting our program. We encourage you to come and visit us or contact us for more information.

When is the Speed Networking going to be held?

We hold our speed networking events on a Friday morning, mid-month. The exact date can vary depending on holidays and/or venue availability.

Our next event will always be found on our home-page in the ‘Venue‘ section of the page.

Speed Networking is from 8AM until 10AM. Please arrive promptly – if you have not pre-paid, you will be required to pay at the door in cash.

Where is Speed Networking this next event?

We are generally planning at least the next two events – but only have the very next event published for registration (this may change).

This next event will be held here.

If you have a venue suggestion, please contact us using the ‘More Info’ form on the home page.

Will refreshments be provided?

As we are holding our speed networking events at 8AM, we generally provide coffee and hot water for tea. Light snacks will also generally be available, such as donuts or pastries.

Feel free to bring your water bottle, or specialty drinks for personal consumption.

If you are in the food or drinks business, please do not bring samples as a participant – instead contact us about sponsorship opportunities.


If I want to attend, what do I do?

First you need to Register for our event – pre-registration is required.

Please make sure you arrive before 8AM – the event starts at 8AM sharp.

We close our doors at 8:08AM – you *MUST* be at the event before 8:08AM

What does it cost to participate in Speed Networking?

We want our events to represent outstanding value for money and an extremely good use of your time, but in order to put the event on, we have costs. These costs are covered by participant fees which are listed in our pricing table.

If you are unsure about how many leads you need to get to make Speed Networking affordable to your business, please contact us.

What should I bring to Speed Networking?

We are pretty casual – so bring yourself – and FIFTY business cards – plus a 60 second elevator speech.

We are quite serious, 50 cards. You should be able to network with about 30-50 professionals, so 50 cards is a good starting point.

Can I bring flyers or hand-outs as a Participant?

As a participant, we do not allow you to hand out anything other than business cards.

Flyers and hand-outs are reserved for table-captains and sponsors.

Table Captains

What is a Table Captain?

A ‘Table Captain’ is the one person at each table who has the responsibility to run their table. This person does not move during each rotation of speed networking, but instead stays at their table.

Our Table Captains always get to present their elevator speech first. It’s their job to make sure that other participants get their full time. Table captains listen to our bells and if a participant finished early, they will generally ask a question or two so that everyone gets their full time allocation.

Table Captains get their business or professional name on their table topper – during the event, a table captain steers and manages their table and only Table Captains and Sponsors are allowed to being leaflets or fliers.

What does it cost to be a Table Captain at NoCo Speed Networking?
The Table Captain fees which are listed in our pricing table.

Table Captains fees are all pre-payed at least 3 weeks before the event.

Each Table Captain receives one FREE PASS to give to a new attendee they think would benefit from NoCo Speed Networking.

Can I be a Table Captain also be a Participant?

Table Captains are by definition a participant in Speed Networking – the big difference is that Table Captains do less walking. 🙂

In exchange for their support, we recognize our table captains during the event and with table topper advertisements and with Social media shout-outs leading up to our events.

Can a Table Captain be a Sponsor also?

A Table Captain may also be a sponsor – separate fees apply.

Our current table captain and sponsorship fees are listed in our pricing table.

Should I be a Table Captain, Sponsor or Particpant?

If you are new to our format of Speed Networking, we suggest that you signup as a participant first.

Honestly, Table Captain is not the role for everyone. You need to be able to steer your table and to some extent, control the flow of networking during the time we have our event.

Can I bring flyers or hand-outs as a Table Captain?

As a Table Captain, we do allow you bring small flyers or handouts, but they must not take over your table. You are still responsible for only taking up 1/6th of your high-top table.

If you think you need more room than a small section of the high-top table, perhaps a sponsorship would be more appropriate for your situation, where you will have a full rectangular table to showcase your materials.

Flyers and hand-outs are reserved for table-captains and sponsors.

As a Table Captain, what do I need to do when I arrive?

Table Captains are expected to be at the event 30 minutes prior to the event start – at that time, we will check-in and be assigned their table.  They get a table-topper with their logo printed on it, and can opt to replace the contents with their own printed material (5×7 perspex table topper – portrait designed).

Once they have their assigned table there will be a Table Captains meeting – all table captains must attend.  We will brief you on the event, the venue, the facilities etc, so they are able to help answer questions from participants.  Even if you have been a table captain before, you are expected to be present at this meeting!

You may be asked to help greet participants and help them get name badges, check-in and ensure they have paid their attendance fees.

Table Captains are responsible to steering the event, listening to the bells and for controlling the networking at their table.  Please be good stewards and advocates for your participants.  If someone is new to networking and runs out of material to share, please ask them questions to help them get more from our events.


What is a Speed Networking Sponsor?

Our events would not be possible without our sponsors.

We need a venue and refreshments every month – our sponsors help us cover these costs in return for prominent ads, a table to present their business and the ability to present a 3 minute presentation about their business at the event.

What does it cost to sponsor NoCo Speed Networking?

The sponsor fees which are listed in our pricing table.

If you have a venue suitable for NoCo Speed Networking, you may consider offering up your venue as sponsorship – please contact us if you have such an offer to make.

I am a Food or Drink vendor - can I sponsor?

Some of our venues allow us to bring in food or drink items – some do not. When we are meeting at a venue that does not, we must respect our host venue’s rules and sponsorships must be in monetary terms only.

Some venues have stated that food and drinks can only be provided by their approved suppliers. Vendors who are not on these lists must obtain that status and provide proof of that status before their spsonsorship can be approved for such an event.

Other event venues have no such restrictions – we encourage prospective sponsors who wish to sponsor by providing their products, to reach out to us before signing up.

Can I bring flyers or hand-outs as a Sponsor?

As a Sponsor you will receive a rectangular table to lay out materials you bring. These can be flyers or hand-outs, promotional items etc. During the open networking section of the event we recommend that you remain in close proximity of your table to answer questions about your business.

We recommend that you only take a small amount of your flyers around when we do the rotations, instead refer those you meet to your sponsorship table.

Flyers and hand-outs are reserved for table-captains and sponsors.


What Payment Options do you have?

For attendees we must have pre-registration – that means pre-payment and we use PayPal checkout for that.

Table Captains and Sponsors must register their interest and an invoice will be issued.  We can invoice with Check or PayPal Checkout.

Do I need a PayPal Account to Register?

No – a PayPal account is not required to pay with PayPal!

We chose PayPal because you can checkout without an account – when you click ‘Register’, you’ll be transferred to PayPal to complete your payment – choose the PayPal Guest Option – as shown in the image below:

PayPal Guest Option allows users without a PayPal account to register and pay online.

I REALLY don't like PayPal - can I pay another way?

You can send a check for your registration fee – or – you can pay at the door.

Please be aware, that payment at the door is CASH ONLY – and you will be required to pay the “At the door” registration price, even if you have previously registered.  Our “At the door” price is show on our home page.

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